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Greyt Information

About Lurchers

Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption Association has partnered with the Ohio Lurcher Project in their mission to find loving homes for American Lurchers while raising awareness of their plight. 

A Lurcher is not a specific breed, but rather a sighthound that has been bred with some type of hunting breed, e.g. Coonhounds, Pointers, or Labrador Retrievers. The majority of the Lurchers available at NSGA are brought in through our association with the Ohio Lurcher Project. 

Lurchers in Ohio are also called field trialers and are used for racing and for field trials. As long as they continue to win, they will continue to race without regard for their age and may race until they are 8-9 years of age. They are raced on longer and often rougher tracks than the NGA greyhounds. When the dogs are no longer winning or being used for field trials, many are left behind, killed outright, or turned into shelters.

Most Lurchers are easily trained and many have a zest for obedience training. Like Greyhounds, they can be very active, but also enjoy their couch time. They are very loyal and loving to their humans. Many have had no training and may benefit from basic obedience classes as long as the trainer is very positive. 

Lurchers make super pets and they certainly deserve a forever couch with a loving family. Many of these dogs have lived their entire lives outside and are not used to living in a house. They are very appreciative of a home and a soft bed. They will do best with a fenced in yard.