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About Us

About NSGA

Our Mission

Our mission and mandate is to work with owners, trainers, and other adoption/rescue groups to find loving forever homes for retired racing greyhounds, seniors, brood moms and sires, or any other sighthound or sighthound cross in need. Our adoption representatives work with families to place dogs in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  

Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption Association (NSGA) is a 100 % volunteer driven, non-profit organization that was formed in March of 2013 by a group of dedicated greyhound lovers. From our involvement in the global greyhound community we knew there was still work to be done to ensure that there was a loving forever home for every retired racer, but that this work would need to be done differently. NSGA needed to find new ways to connect with owners, trainers and other adoption groups; identify alternate ways of transporting greyhounds to Western Canada; and look at innovative and creative ways to raise funds to support our work.

In addition to bringing greyhounds to Western Canada, NSGA is committed to promoting responsible pet guardianship by:

About NSGA

Our Board

Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption Association is a registered charity and non-profit society, registered in Alberta. Steering the work of the association are the Executive members of our Board; Deb Ward, President; Susan Lohse, Vice President; Dorothy Coughlan, Secretary; Judy Sleith, Treasurer; and John Ward, Executive Director.
In April of 2023, a committee of members at large was added to the board to guide the future work of NSGA by focusing on public relations, social media, fundraising and more. The Board Committee members are Eira and Martin Braun-Labossierre, Emma Frieser, Barb Gilliat, David Michaud, Shenna Rogister, Nicole Lowes, Madelena Chenier, and Peggy Sobshychyn.

Executive Board Members

Board Committee Members

About NSGA

Our Team

Lindsay And Thomas Schaller

Meet and Greet Hosts - Edmonton

Kathy And Raleigh Whitinger

Home Visit Team Members, Meet and Greet Hosts - Edmonton

Karen Goodhelpsen

In Loving Memory - Volunteer Extraordinaire

Carrie Hasinoff

Event Coordinator - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Chris Fowlie And Fina Nelson

Adoption Coordinators - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Seana Keedian

Facebook Administrator – Winnipeg
About NSGA

Our Volunteers

Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption (NSGA) is 100% run by volunteers. Our goal is to provide our volunteers opportunities to apply their incredible skills and talents to support a cause they are passionate about – Greyhound Adoption.
NSGA runs regular activities that need volunteer support, but new volunteer opportunities are only as limited as your imagination. If you have an idea of how to help the organization in promotion, fundraising or operations, or would like to help out with one of our regular events or activities, email .

One of NSGA’s greatest strengths is our network of foster homes. Many of the greyhounds that enter our system come from tracks and greyhound farms across the U.S. Though the dogs have been trained in racing specific skills and are extremely well socialized, many have never been in a home environment. We rely on our foster homes, and our greyhound foster brothers and sisters, to help the retired racing greyhound make the transition from the life of a well-honed athlete to a life of retirement with the comforts of home. The duty of a foster home is simply to familiarize their foster dog(s) with family life, and to teach them the essential skills needed to live in a house with a people pack. The foster home experience helps the hounds make a smooth and successful transition into their forever homes.

Many people turn down the opportunity to foster, saying that they could never say goodbye to their foster when he is ready to leave for his home. If you are on the fence, ask yourself whether you would rather cry while proudly watching your foster leave your home, ready to live a full, good life with his own forever family, or would you prefer to cry for the dog that never had a chance to find his forever home because no one stepped up to foster.
Fostering is one of the most rewarding volunteer positions we have to offer. It’s hard to understand it until you’ve experienced it.

NSGA operates across three provinces, and because all our volunteers also lead busy lives exclusive to the world of Greys, we are often in need of drivers. Some drives can be a few hours long, like when a dog needs to be moved from one city to another. Other trips are short commutes and involve driving fosters to vet appointments or Meet and Greets. The short trips are just as important as the long ones.

All drivers must have their own greyhound friendly vehicles. NSGA happily reimburses mileage for our volunteer drivers.

NSGA’s adoption fee does not cover the costs incurred to acquire our dogs, their transportation, and vetting. As a result, we rely on fundraising throughout the year. We have hosted numerous fundraising activities including live and on-line auctions, family picnics, bake sales and sales of specific merchandise items.

As well as events geared toward raising funds, we also host events to build and support our greyhound community network. Do you have any ideas for fundraisers or fun social events? We are always looking for volunteers to help organize and execute functions and events.