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About Greyhounds

Greyhounds make wonderful family pets however, when deciding if a greyhound is the right companion for your family it is important to consider and understand the traits and backgrounds of these gentle creatures.

The Greyhound, a member of the sight hound family, is among the oldest recorded breed of dogs. Historically greyhounds, with their keen eyesight, were bred and raised for hunting. It is instinct for a Greyhound to run and to chase, developing pursuit strategies independently and spontaneously. In the racing greyhound, this natural instinct is honed by hundreds of hours of training, producing a superb athlete.

In retirement, greyhounds are quiet, loving creatures that enjoy the company of humans. With its calm, friendly nature, the greyhound makes a great pet for people of all ages. A patient and tolerant dog, greyhounds are usually very good with children as long as the children are taught to treat the dog properly and with respect. The greyhound does not usually enjoy boisterous play and roughhousing.

Greyhounds have spent their entire lives in the company of other greyhounds and usually adapt quickly to other dogs in the home. Most do well with inside cats and other small animals when introduced properly and corrected as needed. However, a greyhound that gets along great with your indoor cat or small animal may totally change once it gets outdoors.

For centuries greyhounds have been bred to chase without human direction and cannot be expected to change their genetics. No amount of obedience training will stop a greyhound in pursuit. Because of this, greyhounds can NEVER BE TRUSTED OFF THE LEASH except in a completely enclosed, securely fenced area. Greyhounds also must NEVER BE TIED UP. They can reach speeds of up to 40mph in their third stride and could easily break their necks if they decide to bolt or run and suddenly reach the end of the tether.

The greyhound is an INDOOR dog only and can never be left in a yard, a doghouse or a garage. With short hair and little body fat, the greyhound is more sensitive to extreme temperatures, requiring a coat and boots in cold weather, and shade on hot days.

The greyhound’s short coat requires minimal grooming. Even when wet, greyhounds produce little or no “doggy” odor so only occasional baths are needed. They do not shed much, but weekly brushing with a grooming mitt will keep loose hairs to a minimum. Monthly ear cleaning and nail clipping round out the grooming requirements.

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