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Winlock Crewe
DOB: December 20, 2019
Type: Retired Racer – Australia
Gender: Male

G’day mates – I’m Brandy!  I’m sooooo Hhppy to meet you.

I was worried about coming to Canada, but it is Greyt. I love going for walks here, with all the new smells and more people and dogs to meet. I met a “lurcher” and enjoyed that. She’s like a greyhound, but  different.

I have absolutely no problem with floors so the stairs were no problem. After all, although I’ve never seen them before, they’re just floors on a bunch of different heights. That’s how smart and brave I am. I’ve been described as calm and quiet, but I’m sure you expected that from a greyt boy like me. I try my best not to bark or whine, because I don’t want you thinking something is wrong. Even when I’m in my crate I’m happy. I’ll bet that can’t be said about you!

Check out my photos, and I know you’ll love what you see!

. Brandy is being fostered in Calgary, Alberta.