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DOB: January 16, 2022
Type: Retired Racer – Australia
Gender: Male

G’day mates – I’m Champ! 

 Being new to Canada, and my foster home, I went to check out EVERYTHING. I’m so used to walking on dirt, but these floors are no problem for a smart boy like me. I love walks and don’t pull, but I might cut you off. That’s because I enjoy meeting people and want to get to them. I haven’t met any little ones yet and I’m looking forward to that. I have no problem with stairs.

When meeting the other dogs, I was nervous at first, but once in my own element (outside) I loosened up a lot. When needed, I will rest in my crate so you can do what you need to get done. I like to think I’m good in my crate and behave my best at night so you can get your sleep and start with me again in the morning. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it’s okay now.

My fosters don’t know if I’m small animal safe yet, but I was born with small animals, so how bad can it be. I know I don’t mind those flying things. I love doing zoomies, so if you have a yard, I’m all in.

Some of my likes:  I love squeaky toys and playing with the other greys in my foster home.  I am the perfect height for counter surfing and I take advantage of that. I steal socks, glasses, etc.  pretty much anything I can get my mouth on, but I haven’t touched any shoes – yet. My fosters say I like to steal their food, but that’s not true. I borrow it and then go out in the yard and give it back. I love to play in the bathtub, with shampoo bottles – but to be precise – I don’t do tricks.

Champ is being fostered in Edmonton, Alberta.