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Fun Runs

We provide an opportunity to run for fun

Fun Runs provide greyhounds an opportunity to run for fun, and socialize, in a SAFE environment. They are also an opportunity for NSGA to provide adopters or potential adopters with information, education and support regarding the unique care needs of the greyhound.

In Edmonton, weather permitting, Fun Runs are held at the Ward’s acreage on the last Sunday of every month. Times vary with the season. For more detailed information contact Deb or John Ward at or by phone at 780-942-4163.

In Winnipeg, Fun Runs are held throughout the spring, summer and fall. For more detailed information, contact Susah Lohse at or by phone at 204-832-4338.

A set of rules for Fun Runs has been established by NSGA to safeguard the health and safety of all participants whether four-legged or two-legged. It is imperative these rules be adhered to, to prevent any problems to greyhounds or human participants.

All greyhounds and their people are welcome. Children are encouraged to enjoy the fun run from outside of the fenced areas. Participants are asked to actively supervise by walking around the play area and observing behaviours.

It is the responsibility of each owner to pick up and dispose of any waste. We ask that all participants take some time o ensure that the venue property is left as clean or cleaner than it was prior to the run.