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About Cash

DOB: October 26, 2012
Type: Lurcher/greyhound cross
Gender: Male

Cash is a beautiful lurcher/greyhound cross full of energy and life, very eager to learn and is easily trained. He is always up for a game of chase in a secure area. Cash will make a greyt companion to anyone that wants to pet him. He loves to cuddle and will work his way close to your heart and never leave.

Cash is fully house trained and has no issues with hardwood floors or stairs. He does not attempt to go on furniture, preferring the comfort of his dog beds throughout the house. This boy needs a home with no cats and would prefer to either be an only dog or have dogs his own size in his home. He has gotten along well with all greyhounds he has met, but does get excited when he sees small dogs on walks.

He is very enthusiastic when it comes to his walks and enjoys every minute of being out in the parks and exploring. Cash listens well on walks, and his manners are improving daily. He gets excited to meet other dogs (not aggressive) when out and about but wants to chase rabbits and gophers. After a long walk, Cash enjoys a long nap to refresh.

Retirement is looking good on Cash and he deserves a loving forever home.