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About Rowdy

Rowdy has the biggest heart – literally and figuratively!

Rowdy retired from racing after 29 starts.   Although he had some great races, he seemed to not have, as trainers put it, the “heart” to win.   Strong starts but then he would let up half way through so at the end of the season in Dubuque in October of 2021, he headed to retirement with NSGA. 

Rowdy settled well into retirement, was neutered and ready to head to his forever home.  As he settled in with Megan and Shannon they noticed that he sometime had “rage seizures” – waking up from a sleep snarling and growling.   In greyhounds, this can be a symptom of low thyroid levels, so off to the vet he went for a check-up.  And that is when we discovered just how large his heart was!  

During the routine exam, the vet diagnosed a heart murmur and recommended that Rowdy be seen by a cardiologist.  An echocardiogram showed that Rowdy had moderate to severe thickening and mild prolapse of the mitral valve degeneration resulting in a significant leak causing severe enlargement of the left ventricle and atrium.  Cardiomegaly is typically progressive and can lead to the development of congestive heart failure.  Rowdy was immediately started on two medications to reduce the workload of the heart and is monitored closely by his family and with bi-annual cardiology visits.  In addition, Rowdy was also prescribed daily thyroid supplements. Given the high medical costs that a family would face by adopting Rowdy, the decision was made that he would enter our Forever Care program.   Foster moms Shannon and Megan Amrstrong immediately stepped up and agreed to be a permanent care home for Rowdy, and cover his day-to day needs.  NSGA covers the cost of his monthly medications ($150) and cardiology care (1.500/yr). 

At home, he lives up to his name. He likes to rile up the gang and the neighbours dogs. He thinks he’s the leader of the pack but he isn’t – the cats are.   Although he tires out easily on walks, he loves spinning in circles and doing zoomies in the backyard.   He loves face scratches and butt rubs but like all greyhounds, his number one passion is naps.  

Given how much his heart was already enlarged, it was a miracle that he finished any races! He may not have had the “heart” to win race but his huge heart sure helped him race into the loving home he so deserved.   

DOB: September 2, 2018
Type: Retired Racer
Gender: Male

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