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Lindsay And Thomas Schaller

Meet and Greet Hosts - Edmonton

We ventured into the world of greyhounds with our first grey Brie. We wanted a dog who would sleep alot as we both were doing shift work, so naturally a greyhound was the perfect choice! Brie retired from the track in Florida and came to Canada to live with us. That first day we were all a fish out of water trying to learn about each other. We loved helping Brie to learn about living in a house and spoiling her with soft beds in every room. Watching Brie grow and change as she adjusted to house life was incredibly rewarding. That time helped us to build an unbreakable bond. Next we adopted Gracie, because why stop at 1 greyhound! She was so different from Brie and she quickly became a part of our family. She is shy, sensitive and incredibly endearing. Then like many other greyhound families before us we couldn’t just stop at 2! We decided to foster Piper and within the first week we had adopted her! She is sweet, loving and velcros herself to you all day. We couldn’t be happier with our 3 greys and we love sharing our addiction to greyhounds with everyone we meet. The best part about greyhounds is you not only adopt a best friend but you get an entire community with it! You will find us at many fun filled greyhound events throughout the year. We have built so many lasting friendshipsjust from having our greys.

Kathy And Raleigh Whitinger

Home Visit Team Members, Meet and Greet Hosts - Edmonton

With the arrival of human retirement, came the arrival of our first retired racer, Sunny, a beautiful brindle brood mom. She was the perfect introduction to this perfect (for us) breed. We are currently at the beck and call of our second brood mom, Sylvie, and are more than ever head over heels in love with greyhounds.

Karen Goodhelpsen

In Loving Memory - Volunteer Extraordinaire

On January 15, 2014, the greyhound community said goodbye to our friend Karen, volunteer extraordinaire. After adopting her first greyhound, Daisy, in 2002 Karen became an active participant in the community, attending events, transporting and fostering. The first to offer help in any way needed, Karen was an active member of our Fundraising Committee and personally raised funds for the association through the sale of handmade beaded collars, crocheted coats, toques and snoods.

We will miss Karen’s easy smile and infectious laugh when we gather for events but she will remain in our hearts and as a member of Our Team forever.

Joe McGeough

Transport Driver

Joe has been a transport driver for NSGA since 2018. When a long haul driver is needed – Joe is our go to guy! Seems like he can drive forever and has made trips to Abilene, Minot, Billings, and Pembina to transport new dogs to NSGA .

Joe and his wife share their home with two greyhounds and are also foster parents to newly arrived dogs.

Carrie Hasinoff

Event Coordinator - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Carrie arranges and hosts information sessions, meet and greets, and adoption events for Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

Carrie and her husband, Kris, were drawn to greyhounds because of their soft velvety fur, and sweet, laid-back personalities. It was a perfect fit for their lives as they wanted an easy-going dog that they could bring to work, who would also get along well with their cats. Carrie and Kris happily share their home with greyhounds Stormy and Silver, and cats Squeak and Monkey.

Chris Fowlie And Fina Nelson

Adoption Coordinators - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Chris and Fina coordinate all the activity in the Saskatoon area, including a walking group, meet and greets and adoptions .

In August of 2011, the world changed. Well, it changed for Fina, Chris, and a young, thin, scared greyhound-mix they adopted from the Saskatoon SPCA. They named this gentle soul Grendel, in honour of the terrifying troll from literature’s Beowulf. With love, patience, and a not-so-small supply of paper towel, Grendel blossomed into the confident hound he is today, earning the moniker “Grendel the Brave”. Fina and Chris discovered that greyhounds are their breed and helping dogs overcome their challenges is their passion. Their family has grown to include a street-rough cat, Malekith the Accursed, and two greyhound sisters, Aviendha the Beautiful, and Glima the She’s-Got-A-Great-Personality.

Bill Hall

Transport Driver

Bill has been an active team member since NSGA was formed. He has made numerous trips – both within Canada and to the US to transport dogs to NSGA.

He and his wife share their home with Denny, a retired racer, and have also fostered numerous dogs for NSGA over the years.

Seana Keedian

Facebook Administrator – Winnipeg

Seana joined the sighthound community in Winnipeg after adopting a wolfhound/greyhound cross. She was looking for a large dog that wouldn’t wouldn’t pull on a leash and did not require hours of exercise. Seana shares her home with Hamish, her second wolfhound/greyhound cross.