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DOB: November 6, 2021
Type: Retired Racer – Australia
Gender: Male

G’day mates – I’m Blocker! 

I don’t play rugby, so I am Blocker, not a blocker. I retired from racing to become a brand new Canadian. I enjoy meeting the Canadian dogs in my foster home, even if they did come from the US. I really like playing with them, but I don’t bother with the cats. I’ve heard they can be mean. I’m doing my best not to bark, but sometimes, when the outside things surprise me, I’m tempted.

My foster people say I’m going to be a Velcro dog – but what’s Velcro? If that means I’ll love you forever, then yes, I’ll be Velcro. I can get nervous, but I try not the pace or whine, because I don’t want you to get worried.

I just looked at my photo and – I sure am a looker!

Blocker has a Pending Adoption!