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DOB: April 25, 2021
Type: Retired Racer – Australia
Gender: Male

“My name’s Johnny and it might be a sin, but I’m gonna take your bet, you’re gonna regret, I’m the best there’s ever been”.

That song was all about Meeeee. I’m a retired racer, but don’t let that fool you. I’m still fast.  I’m a little shy at first, but will worm up to you quickly, especially when you’re petting me. Take me for a walk and give me treats, and I’ll be putty in your hands. When I’m in my crate, I totally relax.

I don’t know if I like cats yet, but luckily there are two of them here for me to practice with. I’ll get back to you on that. However, I love other dogs. They’re kind of just like me. I enjoy walking with them, and I’m really enjoying these new Canadian smells. Check me out walking with the pack – looks like I’m leading them right? Well I was a racer and my goal was to be first.

Johnny is being fostered in Winnipeg, Manitoba.