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Copy of Vinny

August 2010 – Octobe 12, 2014

Vinny came to us in search of his forever home after being overlooked for almost two years while with another group. He was such a loving, happy boy and quickly worked his charm on his foster mom. It looked like his long awaited dream was about to come true – Vinny was going to have a home to call his own!

And then, a chronic illmess reappeared and Vinny quickly became critically ill. Despite all efforts, his body was not able to fight it off. Vinny passed away surrounded by the love of his foster family, and in the loving arms of vet Kristi, who had been providing him with round the clock care.

He was loved by so many, this special boy, and will be in our hearts forever

Sandra, Will, Kristi and all of us at NSGA

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