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May 2000 – January 2015

Our very first greyhound, Petr entered our lives September of 2006. He came to us shy with fears due to some unfortunate circumstances. We were so honoured that he put his trust in us right from day one. At times he would panic and seize up like a statue. He was not disobeying us, he truly did not understand what we wanted from him. Patience, observation and love showed us how to communicate better and when we did, Petr’s fears were greatly diminished.

How gratifying it was for us when he would proudly lift his beautiful shiny black crown, look into our souls with those melting chocolate eyes, and prop up the most velvety puppy ears for us. THAT was the real Petr. Full of love, wanting only to please. Quietly sidling up to you and burying his needlenose in your crotch, clearly indicating his burning need for a neck massage! He did not discriminate with people – he would make his rounds to everyone within petting distance and he loved attention from children too.

We adopted sweet Pete at six years old and were granted nine years with him. While there are never enough years together, this January was time to release him. To be able to find his racing legs under him once more and sprint effortlessly over that bridge.

Thank you Petr, for your love and for all you taught us. A very special boy forever.

Eira and Martin

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