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Forever Care

NSGA makes a lifetime commitment to each dog that comes into care.  In some cases, after their arrival, we discover that they have complex medical conditions,  dietary needs or behavioural issues.  The high financial costs associated with meeting their special needs can be a challenge to adoption. 

These dogs will be placed in our Forever Care program.  The forever foster home provides for the day-to-day needs of the dog, while NSGA covers medical, food or training costs as needed, for the lifetime of the dog.  Through good times and bad. Whatever the challenge, NSGA is there for each and every dog – forever.

Project Manager had no interest in chasing the lure and retired at the early age of 2 with no races recorded.

Rowdy has the biggest heart – literally and figuratively!

You know that guy that just can’t seem to catch a break? In NSGA that guy is Casey.

Greyhound is the right companion for your family